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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 2, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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in conjunction with "gq" magazine. gentleman, been a fun ride today. >> always a pleasure. >> i'll see you over the weekend. >> see you at the turkish bath. governor, really sorry about all this. >> you know, your tie almost matches -- >> it does. >> pink -- all kidding aside. all you men out there wanting to wear pink, it's okay. >> give it a shot. we'll see you guys tomorrow. stick around for t"the daily rundown" with chuck and savannah. first republicans, now it's democrats to the white house to talk debt. with no sign of a breakthrough, how long will washington play this out? and can wall street take the suspense? the dow plunges on bad economic news and high anxiety over tomorrow's jobs report. are we really talking about double dip recessions again? plus, the rare and ferocious tornadoes that ripped through massachusetts. at least four people are dead, 19 communities still digging out this morning. == mor. it's thursday, june 2nd, 2011.
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i'm savannah guthrie. >> t-minus two days and counting. and i'm chuck todd. also this morning, mitt romney makes it official. it's his announcement day. and can we solve the debt crisis by saving, literally, pennies all over the place? and as congressman anthony weiner weathered the storm or did he whip up a further frenzy. look at the new york tabloids today, and i think you'll get your answer. >> let's start with the debt issue. exactly two months from now, until the u.s. hits that debt limit deadline again, according to treasury secretary tim geithner, yesterday, the white house held a meeting with republicans, today, it's the democrats. but beyond getting all the key players in one room, is anything getting accomplished? mike viqueira is live for us a to the white house. and viq, what i found fascinating, we know this back and forth tween paul ryan and the president, but what speaker john boehner said yesterday about getting it done at the end of june tells me maybe's
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something up. >> reporter: that's true. there are a lot of moving parts here in washington on the debt issue, and of course those talks led by joe biden continue. they'll have another meeting next week. but you know the expression in football, three yards and a cloud of dust. there's a cloud of dust, but they're not necessarily gaining any yardage here. the republicans marched into the white house, really an extraordinary scene, all 240 republicans marching up the driveway, into the east room, holding a session with the president. there was that confrontation, or was it, between paul ryan and the president of the united states, depending on what side you talked to, but afterwards, t paul ryan came out and said the president needs to stop demagoguing the issue. today, it is the democrats' turn. 2:30 this afternoon. this isn't going to be all sweetness and light either, you guys. ostensibly, they're here talking about the debt limit being raised, but you can count on the fact that afghanistan, with thao withdrawal supposed to begin in
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two months, or actually one month from now, and even libya. that's going to be on the table when the floor is open for questions. boehner yesterday, i just talked to somebody in boehner's office, chuck. you mentioned the one-month outline. they said it was the president inside the meeting who said they needed to do this before july really gets under way, so the markets won't be spooked, and playing the usual game of chicken, leading up to that august 2nd deadline, guys. >> and it sounds like speaker boehner agrees with that analysis. mike viqueira on the white house north lawn this morning for us, thank you. >> this is what mike brought up, and it's interesting that boehner himself said he was quoting the president. the white house, everybody suddenly is on this page of decoupling the biden talks on the long-term budget issues, triggers, tax increases, all that other gobbleygook that a lot of people need washington speak to define, to basically, let's cut a short-term deal. let's do more cuts so it will look just like the continuing resolution. more cuts, raise the debt limit, have this argument again in a year. >> because nobody wants to see,
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as they say, time and time again, a countdown clock to government default. >> and by boehner saying, it's a small acknowledgement, he knows it's going to the brinks of mistake politically, so it's like, everybody agrees, get it done, move on. >> and economically. all right, let's go to the 2012 now. at long last, mitt romney is making it official, but how hard will he have to fight today some famous non-candidates for the political attention. nbc's ron allen is in the town of stratham, where he'll make the announcement today. >> you were alluding to the fact that sarah palin is going to be in this area too, with her bus tour, supposedly having a clam bake, and that will take a lot of the oxygen out of the state if that does happen. romney will announce here on the bittersweet farm, it belongs to a prominent new hampshire family, it's been a venue for many political events overç th years. so here we go again. and as one of my colleagues put it, romney is the front-runner
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perhaps now, and that's the problem. there's not a lot of enthusiasm for the republican field, and if you're the front-runner, that means that people aren't excited about your campaign. but, of course, mitt romney is a known candidate, a lot of name recognition, a lot of money. a few weeks ago, he raised some $10 million in one day, a very successful businessman, multimillionaire himself. he has very deep pockets. last time around he raised more money than any candidate on the gop side, but he came in third behind mccain and huckabee. it's all about new hampshire for him, most analysts say. he has to win here. last time around, back in 2007, he announced in dearborn, michigan, where his father, george romney was father, where he was born in the state of michigan. but this time it's all about new hampshire, trying to win this state, just across the border from where he was governor. his resume is well known. the problem is -- the challenge, i should say, is whether he should reinvent himself enough, generate enough enthusiasm to go all the way this morning. >> ron allen in stratham, new
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hampshire, this morning, thanks very much. and all i have to say is if sarah palin does have a clam bake, she better play some elvis. when i hear clam bake, i'm always thinking, let's have one. now to those tornadoes who tore through western massachusetts. resident who is saw the storms say they'll never forget it. >> the buildings collapsed, my aunt's house, the whole back of her house is gone. and she has nowhere to go. >> it just was like "the wizard of oz" and i was waiting for the witch to come flying by. >> nbc's mike taibbi is live for us in massachusetts. you were on the road, happened to be, chasing palin, and detoured to see what happened with springfield. tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, chuck. my producer and i were in that convoyç three cars behind the palin bus when all of a sudden we all heard the reports of a tornado touching down in this region, this corridor, where
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real tornados, destructive tornadoes are very, very rare. in the southwestern massachusetts, northwestern corner of connecticut, it's been 50 years since they've had anything close to what they had yesterday. at least two fully formed tornadoes. mike seidel of the weather channel explaining to me that the winds that were generated were between 110 and 130 miles an hour, minimally, enough to lift the roofs off houses, to collapse several buildings, to turn tractor-trailers on their side. and ultimately lead to four storm-related deaths. a couple of dozen injuries that were serious enough to require surgery and hospital care, and about 200 people who were forced to stay the night in emergency shelters. we just left the staging area by the basketball hall of fame, which is about a mile from here, where governor deval patrick of massachusetts and senator john kerry were waiting to get into a helicopter so they could do a tour of the area, while ground crews did a house by house, ground search to see if there were any injured survivor who is need care. the winds are up right now, about 30 to 40 knots, too much
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for a helicopter. but very rare for tornadoes to be striking this area. chuck, savannah? >> mike taibbi in springfield, mass, for us this morning. mike, thank you. on the economy, anxieties are starting to grow again. the dow's big plunge yesterday, coupled with worries that tomorrow's job report is going to disappoint big-time. cnbc's becky quick has more. becky, was saw that big drop yesterday. what do you expect today? >> you know, savannah, we have come into this morning looking like we're going to have stronger numbers today for the stock market, but already a lot of those gains have been giving back, because we've got more lousy numbers this morning. just at 8:30 this morning, we got the weekly jobless claims, and that number was 420,000 new jobless claims. it is down from last week, when with saw 428,000, but it was not down by as much as the street had been expecting. so you continue to get these dribs and drabs of lousy economic numbers that are coming in, that in some cases, yesterday with the ism number and the unemployment report,ç that show almost a standstill, in both jobs creation and to manufacturing activity.
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and that is what's really concerning the street today. again, we are looking like we'll open slightly higher, but after a big drop of almost 280 points yesterday for the dow, that's not much of a snapback. a lot of concerns about what to expect tomorrow, when we get the monthly jobs report. that will be the huge question. at this point, people are looking for 150,000 new jobs to have been created by the government and by the private sector last year. when you combine those two different outlooks, now, we'll see what happens. those numbers, expectations have been coming down, as we've gotten all this lousy information, but that is going to be the biggy for tomorrow, and that's what the market is going to be riding on. waiting on that number that comes out in about 24 hours' time. guys, back to you. >> becky quick with the headlines from wall street this morning. becky, thank you. >> this economy thing, this is a big deal. if tomorrow's a negative number, that's just going to rattle everybody's nerves, and we're already hearing it behind the scenes. >> indeed. and we'll talk a little bit more about some of the economic indicators, far beyond politics. coming up next, we'll talk politics. the dustup between the president and congressman paul ryan at the
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white house. what really happened in that closed-door meeting. and with this debt deadline getting closer every day, how long can this game of chicken go on, particularly in light of this faltering economy. >> plus, anthony weiner speaks out, again and again and again and again and again about that twitter photo. some dozen interviews. the congressman insists he's the victim of a prank, but he's still not answering one key question that's leaving a lot of people confused. first, look ahead at the president's schedule. we've previewed a lot of it. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. ok, people. se the best way to design a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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chairman ryan, did you say to the president, "leaders have to lead and you haven't shown leadership?" that sounds confrontational. >> that's not exactly what i said. >> what did you say, sir?
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>> we simply described to him exactly what it is that we've been proposing, so he hears the from us how our proposal works, so that in the future, he won't mischaracterize it. >> what you call it doesn't change what it does and what it is. it is a voucher plan. and we don't think that's a matter of demagoguery. it's a matter of fundamental differences of opinion and a different assessment of the facts. and we think the facts in this case are on our side. >> after the white house meeting wednesday with republicans, it was supposed to be focused on debt limit negotiations, but of course featured another installment over this dispute over medicare. >> well, whatever actually happened in the closed-door meeting between congressman ryan and the president, shown here in pictures, tweeted by congressman darrell issa, by the way, it's clear the air was not cleared. former texas congressman martin frost was chairman of the caucus. they both join$çus, tom davis, let me start with you. here's what we know. ryan and the president had a confrontation.
9:15 am
ryan's, essentially, complaint was, stop demagoguing on my medicare plan, and the president sort of laughed it off, and he said, hmm, i'm the guy you refer to as the death panel guy not born in this country, i know a little something about demagoguery. so what's good for the goose, good for the gander. but ryan got a standing ovation. that tells you republicans aren't willing to throw him and the plan under the bus yet. >> this is a harder vote than t.a.r.p., for republicans and even democrats. if you take a look at the polling on this issue, it's going to be a tough vote to bring republicans across the line. they're desperate to get medicare -- >> are you talking about the debt limit vote or the medicare vote they already took? >> i'm talking about the debt limit vote, because if they package it right and make medicare a part of that, it kind of takes the medicare vote off the table. so that's the kind of incentive they're going to need to be able to vote for this. this is going to be a very unpopular vote. even democrats don't want to raise the debt ceiling. >> conversely, democrats want to
9:16 am
keep ryan on the table. republicans are desperate to get -- >> some republicans. not the house republicans. some republicans. >> they're desperate to get that to disappear so it won't be an issue next year. democrats want the ryan plan to continue to be an issue. they don't want the president to agree to big medicare cuts, because that will allow the republicans to say, well, everybody's guilty on medicare. this should be an interesting discussion today with democrats on the white house, because i believe they will say to the president, keep medicare alive as an issue for us next year, it gives us a hands to take back the house. if the president doesn't do that, he'll have problems in his own caucus getting democrats to vote for the debt ceiling. >> meanwhile, the debt limit -- the deadline is coming, and both parties will have to get together and actually set politics aside for a moment and come up with a deal. do you think they have to in some way, shape, or form deal with this paul ryan plan before we can even get to negotiations over this? >> well, one of the -- oneç republican member said to me, he said, if the senate goes first
9:17 am
and every republican votes against this in the senate, he said, how can we vote for it? this is going to be a very, very tough vote for republicans. they're going to need some sweeteners. the american people, at this point, two-thirds of them donate want to raise the debt ceiling. so i think it's the advantage republicans going into this -- >> it's not an advantage at all -- >> absolutely. >> -- because the public is overwhelmingly against ryan's voucher plan. it cost him the seat in new york. >> but we're we're not talking about enacting the voucher plan, we're talking about -- >> in fact, republicans will be stuck with it unless they get the president to agree to big cuts in medicare, democrats are going to say, don't do that, because it can cost us the house of representatives. >> let's narrow the focus here, get to the reality, which is this. they're going to cut a side deal. that's what's been floated privately to me by the white house, and clearly, boehner himself sort of throwing it out there, that they'll decouple these negotiations, because they can't get the deal by august 2nd, so go with a continuing resolution deal, of more cuts, raise the debt limit, and the white house can gulp that
9:18 am
without dealing with taxes themselves. >> i think that's right. the question is whether it's a six-month deal or whether it takes them beyond the election. i think it's possible they're going to have a six-month deal and this thing's going to come back up again. i'm not sure they can put a big enough package together to carry them through november. >> john boehner's going to sell this to the conference. >> that was my next question. >> that's the sale. every time we've come back with these little incremental deals, we've always gotten more cuts. >> but to get the president to sign off, he'll have to get some tax revenue, and the question is whether boehner can sell that inside his own -- >> you'll have to take this to entitlements. >> but chuck may be right they table those larger issues to another day. >> i think that's very likely. >> in order to stave off catastrophe. >> then the question is, what do the markets do on this? when do they come in here and become the enforcement mechanism for this -- there'll be an added level of emergency. martin frost, tom davis, great to have you. thank you. >> good luck to you. >> thank you very much.
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well, talking about raising taxes and cutting entitlements used to be the things that got politicians booted from office, but given today's looming debt crisis, these topics are unavoidable, with voters wondering if and when washington could ever come together and find a solution. >> earlier i spoke with david walker, founder and ceo of the comeback america initiative. he's the former u.s. comptroller general, and he may be looking for a way to run for office. let's start with the issue of the growth of government spending. in the year 1800, we putç up ts
9:23 am
little graphic here, it was 2% of the total economy. in 2010, it was 24%. projected wise now in 2040, 39% of the total economy. is that sustainable, number one. and number two, if we're trying to lower it now, given the fragile nature of the economy, is that prudent? >> no, it's not sustainable. i mean, historically over the last 30 to 40 years, government spending has been about 20.5% of the economy. and so we have a situation now where spending is much higher than the average and revenues are much lower. revenues have been about 18.5%. now they're less than 16%. we need the differentiate between the short-term challenge and the structural challenge. the short-term deficits are due primarily to temporary factors. and in fact, we may have to make some targeted investments in order to help create more economic growth in the future. but we must be able to take steps to cut government spending over time and to bring revenues and spending more in line, so
9:24 am
that we can get our debt as a percentage of the economy at a reasonable and sustainable level. >> if you could do this with an excel spreadsheet, with i have no doubt that you could come up with a solution. the problem is, there's a political system in place. and to cut through the politics on this seems -- looks impossible sometimes, from prably your perch and from where i'm sitting here in washington. is it a public education campaign that's needed or is it a washington education plan that's needed? >> chuck, it's a combination of things. my experience, i've now been to 48 states, engaging the american people on this, that the people are ahead of the politicians. they know we're living beyond our means, they know we've got to start making tough choices, they've started to do it, they want to see their elected officials do it. i do see some cautious optimism here. you know, washington's paying more attention. i think the biden group needs to focus like a laser on trying to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling limit. they can do that by focusing on
9:25 am
three things. not only increasing the limit, but a spending level for 2012, someç tough but realistic statutory budget controls for the long-term, and a good faith effort to deal with some of the spending and tax expenditure issues as part of that package. that can happen. >> well, it does look like they're going to try to split this a little bit. there's some floating of having a temporary one-year solution, agree on some cuts, have the debt ceiling, then have the longer term debate, essentially, for 2012, about the statutory and how to deal with it. either with tax increases or spending cuts or both. can it be done, the statutory idea, this idea of a trigger with anything other than a combination of both tax hikes and spending cuts? >> in my opinion, government has grown too big, promised too much, waited too long to restructure, that we have to have everything on the table. both political parties are responsible for where we are today. the last ten years have been the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of the republic. it's primarily spending problem,
9:26 am
but the default mechanism should be about three parts spending cuts, one part temporary revenue enhancements in order to get 60 votes in the senate and a presidential signature. because if you can't do that, you don't have anything. >> i want to ask you about a personal political issue, mr. walker. there has been some speculation that you're interested in running for public office, possibly in the state of connecticut, possibly as an independent. truth to this? >> well, people have encouraged me to run for office for a number of years, and i'm thinking about it. the fact of the matter is that i believe the decisions that are made or failed to be made by elected officials in the next five years are largely going to determine whether our future's better than our past. i don't feel compelled to run, but i am considering it. >> when you say "considering," is it the u.s. senate seat in connecticut? >> i wouldn't be interested in anything other than the senate, and i live in connecticut. >> well, there you go. david walker, former comptroller general, thanks for joining me this morning onda daily rundown.
9:27 am
>> good to be with you. >> there you go. another senate candidate, a potential independent that's been floated around, some people trying to recruit him as a ç republican. we'll see what's up. >> definitely hinting that he might be in. up next, the stock market taking a nosedive ahead of tomorrow's big jobs number release. those double dip recession fears starting to crop up again. we'll get the latest. but first, today's trivia question from "the almanac of american politics," which member of congress during the 2010 campaign fended off charges from a campaign ad that she whe was somehow involved in a cocaine arrest? the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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a rarity. it's actually the bottom of the hour, so we're actually going to do it, the quick look at what's
9:31 am
happening today at the bottom of the hour. >> we were on time, until you made a thing of çit. >> i've got to make a thing of it. >> let's do the headlines. of course, residents in massachusetts cleaning up after a line of violent storms spawned a reported seven tornadoes yesterday, leaving four dead in their wake. a day after meeting with house republicans, president obama today hosts house democrats for a meeting expected to focus again on budget and deficit issues. and the opening bell has just rung on wall street. investors are hoping for a rebound after yesterday's loss of almost 280 points. we're going to have more on the volatility in the economy in just a moment. other stories making headlines today, the situation in yemen continues to deteriorate. overnight clashes left 15 people dead in the southern city of tooiz. fighting broke out between those dedicated to saleh and those seeking saleh's ouster.
9:32 am
internet giant google is blaming chinese computer hackers for an attack that breached the personal accounts of several hundred g-mail users, including senior government officials. the chinese government is denying involvement. overseas to that deadly e. coli outbreak in europe. world health organization officials saying it's an extremely dangerous mutant strain of bacteria that's never been seen before. the outbreak has killed 17 people and infected thousands. officials believe raw vegetables are the source. >> oh, geez. congressman anthony weiner is apologizing to the folks he follows on twitter. >> the new york democrat says they have been unfairly caught up in a firestorm over a lewd picture sent from his twitter account. he says it was hacked. and while weiner denies he actually sent the picture, he will not rule out that the picture is somehow of him or has been doctored. nbc's luke russert covers capitol hill. luke, as we know, the congress is on this media blitz
9:33 am
yesterday, talked to you. and as to that central question, could this be a picture of you, is this a picture of you, it still seems the congressman is not being exactly straight forward? >> that's right, savannah. yesterday, anthony weiner, in an attempt to really clear the air, sat down with all the major networks and gave them interviews on this topic of a lewd photo that was sent through his twitter account to a 21-year-old college girl in seattle. but when asked whether or not if the picture was him, he was not very clear. take a listen to the interview i had with him. >> that's not a picture of you? >> you know, i can't say with certitude. my system was hacked, pictures can be manipulated, pictures can be dropped in and inserted. >> you will not flat-out deny that that photograph is not you? >> here's what i will say. i will say we're trying to figure out exactly what happened here. whether a photograph was manipulated that was found in my account, whether something was dropped into my account, whether a photograph was partially my account, you know? >> reporter: and this issue just will not go away for
9:34 am
representative weiner, just because of the answer you just heard. really in a gray area, not saying whether or not the picture was his, it could be his. a lot of folks are skeptical, simply because if you look at the angle and how it was taken below the belt, one would have a general idea if they had taken that photo or not. now, the political reality of this, guys, a lot of democrats i have spoken to, especially some democratic leadership aides, are quite upset with congressman weiner. they really believe this has become a side show that's gotten in the way of what they wanted their message to be this week, which is about jobs and specifically attacking paul ryan's medicare plan, which was very fruitful for democrats over the last week, especially that special election victory in new york 2006 we've heard so much about. this has become a distraction for them. republicans i've spoken to love this. it keeps anything out of the media. and as one said before i came on to this live shot, let weiner roll, baby, roll. >> luke russert on capitol hill for us. he did that interview yesterday.
9:35 am
luke, thanks very much. problem for weiner is that he's normally a pretty he's acting very evasive. it's veryç un-weiner-like. >> capable of a very simple answer and a simple answer is the one thing no reporter has gotten. so it continues. >> right. well, the dow's worst single day in a year is feeling fears that the recovery is no longer just slow, it's stalled and maybe worse. >> that 279-point drop followed a week's worth of bad news from housing and consumer confidence to manufacturing and jobs, and it's got some economists uttering that dreaded phrase, double dip recession. jim, when you add it all up, and we should put gas prices on the list too, i mean, people are really can concerned that this economy is really stalling. what do you make of it? >> well, let's not panic just yet. what we've got is slowing growth.
9:36 am
recoveries from financial crisis can often feel like you're stuck in traffic on i-5 in los angeles. stop and go, stop and go. we're pumping the brakes right now, in part, just because you said, gas prices are so high. >> there seems to be a confluence of events on the job market. there was lackluster growth on those adp numbers, private sector. and we know that local government, state and local, are cutting jobs. tomorrow, a negative job number, that report, that would start a panic, would it not? >> well, a negative job number would be really bad tomorrow. and yeah, i think you could see the market very much react, very negatively. but even like a five-digit job increase, something below 100,000 jobs, could really set off some real fears. and the problem here is, we've got a lot of things coming together. we've got the high gas prices, we've got natural disasters in japan and then in the united states and tornadoes. these are all playing together to slow down manufacturing activity, slow down hiring, and
9:37 am
employers are reacting to that. they're just a lot more wary of hiring0right now, it appears. so if it looks like they're shedding jobs and not adding them at all, we start to worry about, is growth going to actually bottom out as opposed to slowing a bit? >> and there's really no cushion. the fed apparently has done what it's prepared to do to kind of spur on the economy. there's no policy response. congress isn't going to spend anymore money to create jobs. so whatever happens, americans are in a position of just gutting it out. >> well, yeah. we've got really weak demand, which congress, just like you said, savannah, is just not looking at all like it's going to be bolstered by policy, fiscal or monetary. and the other problem here is the things that washington is focused on, particularly the budget deficit, while important medium and long-term economic issues, just aren't on almost anybody's -- top of their list for why they're slowing down now. washington is focused on one set of economic issues, while the economy is slowing down, for a completely different set of
9:38 am
reasons. >> jim with the "national journal," thanks very much, a little bit of a reality check. let's do our trivia. we asked which member of congress during the 2010 campaign fended off charges from a campaign ad that he was somehow involved in a cocaine arrest? >> well, it was congressman jeff landry of louisiana. landry's opponents had brought up his old roommate's cocaine arrest 17 years earlier. local law enforcement said that landry was not involved. something else landry wasn't involved in, yesterday's meeting at the white house. the freshman told the president, thanks but no thanks for the invitation, he said he didn't want to engage in political grandstanding, so he was the one absentee. go figure. coming up next, it's mitt romney's big day in new hampshire, but sarah palin did not get that memo, as the former alaska governor's plitication heads north, we'll talk to a former romney aide about how his former boss wins this time around. but first on this less hot day, what is that white house soup of the day, man, this is a
9:39 am
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what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ here you go. imagine this today. it was this day, 1886, a sitting president got married at the white house. grover cleveland, frances folsom exchanged wedding vows in the blue room of the white house. fewer than 40 people were president as the 49-year-old president married a 21-year-old. >> oh, scandal! >> to this day, cleveland is the only president to be married in the white house. can you imagine the hype for a white house wedding today. >> on multiple levels. and then also, kind of robbing the cradle with the 21-year-old. >> half your age plus 7 does not qualify there, president cleveland. as mitt romney officially
9:43 am
declares his candidacy in new hampshire today, the polls have him at or near the top of the race, fragilely so. the latest new hampshire state poll has him with a solid lead ofç over 20 points there. nationally, romney is just a point behind. in one poll, rudy giuliani, but giuliani hasn't declared anything yet, although he is popping up in new hampshire as well today. >> kevin madden was romney's campaign manager in 2008, and he joins us now. >> campaign manager? >> no, spokesperson. >> shoot, i knew you were really important. >> it felt like i was the campaign manager. >> anyway, you were there. you are the perfect person to answer this question. what is romney doing better now than he didn't do then. how is he going to win it this time around, when voters have seen him? >> i think two things. first of all, in 2008, we were under pressure, because we were -- when you're at 2%, you have to sort of rip a headline and get noticed, rip a headline and get noticed. one of the problems was, when we were ripping all those headlines, we had hundreds of headlines, and it didn't add up
9:44 am
to one big message to the american people about why romney should be president. that's different now, because he's very acutely focused on the economy. it's the issue that most americans care about right now. it's driving the economic anxiety of the electorate. the second thing i would say, too, we are very focused on positioning ourselves against each candidate. we were trying to go against john mccain, because he had 100% name i.d., and was name as the president in new hampshire. rudy giuliani was leading in the national polls. now, governor romney is very focused on his message and how he can -- >> i want to play a couple of clips from his announcement speech then versus what i think we're going to hear in a few hours. >> i believe that the families is the foundation of america and that it needs to be protected and strengthened. i believe in the sanctity of human life. how is the american family made stronger? with marriage before children, with a mother and a father in the life of every child. >> that was very much a values message that you guys were
9:45 am
trying to strike. it was the social conservative mitt romney. and look, this is his challenge, is it not? i'm sure you heard it fromç plenty of friends, twi advisers enemies, whatever you want to call them. there's the liberal economist from 2004, the pragmatist, the social conservative from 2007 that we just heard, and today the former business man. here's an excerpt, "government under president obama has grown to consume almost 40% of our economy. we are only inches away from ceasing to be a free market econom economy." that's a challenge. >> in that speech, that was an introduction. and when you have an introduction to many voters, where you're a new candidate to many voters, you have to run the whole entire gamut of issues, everything from social issues to national security issues to economic issues. and i think what happened was, that many of the other campaigns believed that the soft underbelly of the romney
9:46 am
campaign was to go after him on social issues and exploit us. and i think as a campaign, we had to respond. we spent an inordinate amount of time talking about social issues during that campaign when we should have been focused on his strength, which is the economy. what's very different today, he's going to talk about not only his experience on the economy and job creation and budgets and deficits, but he is going to talk about what his vision for the future is on those big issues, because that's what the american people want to hear. they say to say, candidate a, b, c, d, how do you americans back to work? >> how do you counteract that thing that american voters feel like there's something about him that doesn't seem authentic or real. the hair is never out of place -- but i shouldn't say this to you, kevin, because you suffer from the same affliction, but how does he address this? >> i think the connection part was, again, a problem. because we had so many issues that we were trying to talk to the american public. and talking to voters is like
9:47 am
courts. when you're focused on so many different things, you don't get to learn a lotç about a person. what the governor's challenge is, how does he connect his experience and his economic argument to the american public's anxiety about that issue. that's where he'll be able to connect. they're as focused on the economy as he is. that's an issue where they have a shared interest. >> kevin madden, former spokesperson, and also still an adviser to the romney effort going for 2012, thanks. >> excellent hair. all right, kevin, thank you. up next, cutting the country's debt one penny at a time. that's an interesting idea. could it work? we'll talk to one candidate who says his penny plan can cut spending by $20 trillion. >> didn't they say this in "jaws," we're going to need a bigger penny bank. >> did you say "jars"? >> jaws! what's up, smart? oh, just booked a summer vaycay.
9:48 am
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the president and congressional republicans are at a public impasse on a comprehensive debt deal. >> still there are no shortage of planes in washington, and one of the more straightforwardç proposes that the federal government balance the budget by eliminating one pennyâç3uvçy/z federal dollar spent. republican congressman connie mack of florida is a member of the budget committee. congressman, you should tell your press staff it was a press release that they sent out. i read this and thought, well, this seems too straightforward, too good to be true, too common sense. explain how it would work where it would seem -- >> they're calling it the mack attack. that's catchy. >> where it would seem even in something that everybody could get behind regardless of their political strife. >> what we've done is we've put together a bill that says we're going to cut 1% of federal spending for six years. 1% for six years. in the seventh year we're going
9:52 am
to cap spending to 18% of gdp. in the eighth year, we will have balanced the budget, and in the 10th year we will have cut $7.5 trillion. it is simple, that's why i love this bill because it's easy to explain to people, all we're talking about is taking one penny out of every dollar. so out of -- >> i was going to ask you, but this would include so-called mandatory spending or entitlement spending. how do you accomplish that? >> and social security, too, is it isn't. >> well, let me address that. what we've done in the bill is said, look, it is the responsibility of the congress and the president to work together to find the 1% cuts in spending. if the president and the congress fail to make that 1% cut, then there will be an across-the-board cut. so say the congress and the president can agree upon a half a percent. then the remaining half a percent would come from across the board. nobody wants to just have -- i
9:53 am
shouldn't say that. most people would rather have -- >> define across the board, that's the entitle. and pentagon spending? >> everything, everything across the board. we talk every dollar of federalç spending. so it includes everything. >> so just so people have a sense of the numbers here, if you cut 1% of federal spending across the board including entitlements, what's the dollar figure? how much is that? >> you know, i don't have that off the top of my head, and i should. the point of this bill is if we make those cuts, 1% a year for six years, we will balance the budget. we will cut $7.5 trillion. we will get our fiscal house in order, and our country can move forward again. right now our economic freedoms are being stolen from us because of this debt and this deficit. i have seen -- i haven't seen many plans on capitol hill that is so simple to explain, the american people have had to cut
9:54 am
a lot more than one penny out of every dollar out of their personal budgets. the idea that we're saying to them, look, the federal government should be able to do that, we're only talking about one penny out of every dollar, it seems to me that the american people and members of congress should be able it understand this and we should be able to get it passed. >> let me ask you a florida politics question. one of the leading senate candidates, mike haradopolis, asked whether he would vote for the ryan plan. said he wasn't there, he's not ready, needs more information. can you win a republican primary in the state of florida and not be for the ryan plan in your opinion, regardless of what candidates we're talking about here? >> i think it's importance that republicans join -- it's important that republicans join and support ryan's plan. i'll tell you why. if we fail to act, then the program goes bankrupt. so those who are choosing not to support either this plan or
9:55 am
another plan are choosing to let medicare go bankrupt. that means it's not available for anybody. ryan's plan has opinion demagogued by the white house and democrats to the point where people have thisç impression tt we're just going to destroy it and it goes away for everyone. we're actually saving the program. >> you think it's a political mistake here? >> i do. i think that it's a good plan. it preserves the program as is for people 55 and older -- >> congressman, sorry to interrupt you. we've got to go to breaking news on capitol hill. congressman anthony weiner speaking live. >> for anyone that wanted questions answered ostensibly. i'll make it clear, i did not send pictures -- my account has been hacked. after hours, almost 11 hours of answering any questions that anyone wanted to put today, i have to get back to work and do the job that i'm paid to do.
9:56 am
i appreciate your patience and understanding. if i can do anything to make you more comfortable while you're sitting in the hallway, please let me know. thank you. >> congressman -- >> there you go. >> well, that was congressman anthony weiner talking to reporters staked outside his capitol hill office. i don't think we advanced the story in terms of substance with that. i think he was just saying hello. >> republican congressman connie mack from florida, thanks for your time. >> yeah. >> what a washington, what an odd place sometimes. >> that's it for "the daily rundown." >> coming up next, "jansing and co.," then at 1:00 p.m. -- >> januaandrea mitchell reports. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. ices every day. -[ woman #2 ] every day. -[ man ] on everything. [ man #2 ] on everything. [ man ] and if you happen to find something lower... -we'll match it. -[ woman ] we'll match it. [ man #2 ] we'll match it. [ man #3 ] any ad, any price. right at the register. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything.
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